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At SECURE CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT STORAGE, we appreciate the value of your belongings just as much as you do. That’s why we offer comprehensive storage services at our bespoke storage facility in Weymouth and Margate,Kent

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Cargo Containers
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Storage of Financial and Medical Documents in Weymouth

We provide secure offsite document storage in modern archive facilities protected by enhanced fire and security features.  Combined with fast digital retrieval and fully managed archive destruction, our outsourced services will help your business free up valuable office space, secure your records and save time searching for documentation.

Steel Container Storage in Margate,Kent 

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our container storage is your best option for keeping your stock and goods secure. With a range of brand-new 20 x 8 ft steel containers available at our facility, we’re able to meet all your storage needs. With hardwood flooring, ventilation, and sensor lighting, our containers are ideal for your requirements. Visit our site and get a free quotation for container storage today.

Cargo Shipping Containers

Self Secure Storage in Margate,Kent

With 68,000 sq. ft of storage space at our disposal, our self-storage options range from very small to very large spaces, in order to suit your unique needs. Get in touch today for a free quotation or visit our purpose-built storage facility to discover more about our services.

External Storage in Margate, Kent

 Here at Secure Storage Solutions, our external storage solutions include purpose-built compounds with hard standings and secure fencing. Offering 24-hour fob access to our customers, our state-of-the-art site, is covered by floodlights and CCTV for your peace of mind. Get a free quote for our storage services today.